knife care

keep your knife dry
remember to dry your carbon steel knife after use, otherwise it may rust.
sharpen the knife regularly
when the edge requires, sharpen it preferably on fine water stones for the optimal performance.
oil the handle
once in a while apply some natural oil on the handle to protect it from the moisture as well as bring back the color vibrance.
don’t cut on hard surfaces
avoid cutting on materials like ceramic, stone or glass because it may result in dulling or chipping the blade. Better stick to wooden and softer cutting boards overall.
no dishwasher
it may absolutely end up trashing your knife. High temperature, chemicals and lots of water... just don’t.
don’t cut frozen food
and other hard products that can damage very thin edge. Know your knife and it’s purpose.
keep your knife covered
don’t put the knife without any protection in a drawer with other knives or other hard materials that can damage the edge of the knife